Nashville Baby Photography

Nashville baby photographer, Holly Marie photographs young non-sitting babies in their home environment where they are most comfortable.  Holly uses blankets or home furniture; such as a chairs, sofas, and cribs with a simple wall as a backdrop.  Indoor natural light sessions will need to take place near a window or doorway in a sun-lit room. Artificial light can be added to boost the natural light if needed on a cloudy day or in a dimly lit home.  Indoor sessions do not have to be rescheduled due to cloudy or rainy days.  Sitting baby and toddler sessions can also take place at an outdoor location.

Her hour long sessions are casual, relaxed, and not rushed, so your children will have time to warm up to being photographed and have time for breaks as well. She is often found talking, singing, and playing with the children to create natural smiles and expressions. Holly does not pose children or families, but rather places them in an appropriate place for the image she wants to create. She then captures them naturally letting them sit or lay down, yielding images that are a true representation of your child and his/her relaxed personality.

Sessions with up to two adults and two small children can also be done in Holly's studio.  In her studio, she keeps it pretty simple and classic, as she feels the pictures should be about the people and expressions rather than the stuff around them.  She uses her white studio wall, solid neutral colored backdrops, and wood floors (white, dark brown, and gray).  For sitting babies and kids, she has kid sized chairs, stools, a small wood box, and light gray loveseat.  Her goal in studio sessions is to photograph your child’s different expressions, milestones (crawling, sitting up, standing), and relationship with their family members, all within a simple timeless backdrop.


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